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  • What are you opening hours?
    Whites opening times: Monday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Tuesday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Wednesday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Thursday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Friday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 17:00pm Sunday: Closed Thomas opening times: Monday: 09:00am - 17:00pm Tuesday: 09:00am - 17:00pm Wednesday: Closed Thursday: 09:00am - 17:00pm Friday: 09:00am - 17:00pm Saturday: 09:00am - 17:00pm Sunday: Closed
  • Do you close for lunch?
    No, we do not close for lunch, someone will always be available to help you.
  • Are you approved by the National Association of Jewellers?
    Yes, both of our stores are approved by the NAJ.
  • Do you open for bank holidays?
    For the most part, No. However, this may vary, so if you plan on visiting us on bank holiday, please check before.
  • Do you change watch batteries?
    Yes, we change watch batteries for all different kinds of watches. Some of these watches are more complex than others and may need to be sent to our off-site workshop for the battery to be changed. Example: if your watch is waterproof and you would like it to be resealed after a watch battery has been changed, this will have to be sent to our off-site workshop.
  • How much do you charge for a watch battery?
    This charge varies with different types of watches. Please enquire.
  • Do you repair clocks?
    Yes, we repair clocks. Please enquire to find out more.
  • Do you offer a bespoke service?
    Yes, we absolutely offer a bespoke service. To find out more, please enquire, or visit our bespoke page to book a call with a member of the team.
  • Do you sell watch bracelets/straps?
    Yes! Pop in-store and view our collection. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can get it!
  • Do you carry out your repairs on-site?
    No, for the most part, we do not carry out our repairs on-site. This is because of security reasons, insurance limitations and our our off-site workshop with professional equipment can complete the repair for you.
  • Can you source me a watch?
    Yes! Watches are tremendously popular and some are incredibly hard to find. That's our job, please enquire or visit our watch page to book a call with the team.
  • Do you do valuations for insurance or probate?
    Yes, we offer certificated valuations for insurance/probate. Please enquire.
  • Do you buy pre-owned jewellery?
    Yes, we buy pre-owned jewellery. It is what makes our selection so broad!
  • Do you buy gold?
    Yes, we buy gold. Please bare in mind, the price of gold changes every day according to the markets.
  • Do you buy pre-owned watches?
    Yes, we buy many pre-owned watches. Please enquire.
  • Do you offer interest free finance?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer interest free finance. However, we accept deposits on an item that you desire and can hold it until you are in a position to complete the payment.
  • What guarantees do you provide?
    Our standard guarantee is 12 months. However, due to the nature of vintage/antique jewellery/watches. Some of these guarantees may be shorter, please confirm this with a team member when enquiring about an item.
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